September 8th

Our story and
why we're passionate about this.

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I came to the conclusion about a year ago that status quo just wasn't going to be good enough any more . We have a good life ,busy but good I've been at the same job 30 plus years and enjoyed it for the amenities it gave me . I remember early in my career my dad telling me "John find a good steady job let other chase the big money but while their off doing that slip into the year round steady job where you'll have steady pay, benefits ,a pension and home every night and then live within your means " funny how you're parent get wiser as you get older, well that's what I did ,I was home most every night for my family and holidays were flexible and checks were steady. I never had the speed boat or the motor home or the big exotic holidays but what I did have I would not trade for any amount of wealth of fame .

Its ironic though how things can change though , I grew up with those cliché s no pain no gain , it takes hard work to succeed, or my favorite what doesn't kill you will make you stronger . while all those may be true they even in their nature are discouraging to a young person being moulded for a life of labor ,family ,mortgage, and all those efforts that you'll need to watch your family grow up into well functioning individuals of society.

How important it is to surround your self with those of the same mind set, without going into a marriage breakdown and a family distressed and confused (which most defiantly will be a story for another day ) I want to focus what has brought me to today and the development of this web site and career tweak.

Linda and I married in 2010 and to better help you understand this whole story here's how it worked . we met online , something I was warned about never doing at the time . there is a stigma that goes with online dating not so much as time goes on but even 6 years ago there was I heard the horror stories the scams the deceit and broken hearts I heard it all . I will admit I knew there was a risk but I've always felt that rewards match the risk , we enjoyed an 8 month communication relationship before we even spoke on the phone and in time the stigma of an online relationship vanished. Which brings us to today and where we are as a blended family (another long story and probably a book in the making ) Most of our 9 children are out on their own and succeeding in life.

Now here's the full circle My wife and I and my youngest son are living in a small community and starting out again, life is great with one thing being different and that is my wife and I have goals of retirement and things we want to do but with a need for a potential of income increase we realized that we needed to look at options. It wasn't to long into our thought proses that realizing the years we had to accomplish this and enjoy our goals we would have to break the rules, the odds that is , we looked at options and were looking to traditional ways we could catch up in the income required to fulfill our bucket list . We looked at working longer harder raising the rent on my son (just kidding you're good) but each of these ideas took us into our 70's which was not as bright a future as we had hoped . We had the idea of investing but I had done that most my life and still wasn't retired so that seemed a bit dismal. When we started thinking out of the box and yes looking past the stigmas that Network marketing has we saw a viable solution to our quest . Now just saying we have no allusions to what it will take but for several reasons this venture seemed to hold the key to an ending or retiring as we wished.

Network Market holds several truths that I don't think anyone can deny . One it as the ability to provide an income that matches you individual out put, the harder you work the more potential you have ,Two the choices of products services and opportunities is near limitless. and one more chosen wisely it can be a residual income that can continue even after you quit or take a break. There are many more that I can share but each will take explaining on its own so I will leave that for another post but for now I can tell you this . With carful homework as to the organization you wish to involve yourself with and with the proper mentoring and guidance there is no reason why stigmas can be wrong and the neigh Sayers left in the dust . What creates the sigma's and the horror stories as in everything is deceit and misinformed and yes unrealistic thinking people. Then ,and our society is good for this Blame it on something or someone else if we fail to produce ore see the success we envisioned in our dream of being rich and all the time everyday to spend it and announce a scam because it couldn't have been them. failure is not generally the system of Network Marketing .
With all that being said this web site displays an outline of our three e-commerce and network marketing site we have scrutinized to death and found to be of substance , in future post I will focus on each individual site and explain in detail not just using our homework but the top leaders in the business opinions and visions for this field.

If what you see interests you then contact us and we will be pleased to help you find answers to your questions . we had many and here we are . Potential is great as in all thing harder is not always better but finding success is.